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Thank you for supporting Diva Danceworks and our dance dress code. Our dress code was created to promote the proper attitude and respect for all dance disciplines. No street clothes or footwear will be permitted. If you are not dressed properly with shoes and attire, you will be asked to observe class after one warning. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and allows our staff to give their undivided attention to the needs of all our students. Please review our dress policy before purchasing new attire and shoes.


The following guidelines apply to all dancers:

HAIR must be securely tied back in a ponytail, braid, or bun.

DO NOT WEAR YOUR DANCE SHOES OUTSIDE. You will not only ruin your shoes, but our dance floors could be damaged as well.

NO jewelry is to be worn in class. Not only is it a distraction, it dangerous and items can be lost. Post/Stud earrings are acceptable.

Please label all shoes and other related dance items with your dancer’s name so lost items may be returned. 

PLEASE COME TO CLASS READY TO DANCE, with proper cover-ups on when entering and exiting





A solid color leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet/pointe shoes must be worn.

Hair must be secured in a bun at all times. Short hair must be pulled away from the face and neck.

A ballet sweater and/or skirt may be worn.

Pink split sole ballet slippers

Advanced level dancers only may wear Black or Pink tights.

Please see your instructor before purchasing.



Leotard, leggings, or booty shorts, and fitted tank/bra top.

Legs must be covered. Tights are strongly encouraged.

Black tap shoes.


Jazz/Hip Hop

Leotard, leggings  or  booty shorts, and fitted bra/ tank top.

Tights are not required

Clean Street shoes for Hip-Hop

Foot Paws/Jazz Shoes for all Jazz Classes

Please see your instructor before purchasing



Leotard, leggings, jazz pants or dance shorts, and fitted top.

Tights are not required

Foot paws

Please see your instructor.


Dance Movement

Leotard  and tights. Ballet sweaters and skirts are also permitted.

Tights are not required but strongly suggested.  This will make it easier for young dancers to perform without injury.

Ballet shoes and tap shoes are required. A small bag to keep shoes in class is also required.

Please see your instructor before purchasing.

Diva Danceworks  Tuition 2013-2014


Any student enrolled in 5 or more company classes, receives any additional classes absolutely FREE!!!  You have the flexibility to adjust your schedule throughout the year!

*Tuition does NOT include solo, duet or trio fees.

1st hour- $45.00

2nd hour- $45.00

Each additional hour is $42.00

Example- If your child takes 3 ½ hours of dance each week, your tuition total for the month will be $153.00.   

$45.00 for the first and second hour

$42.00 for the third

$21 for the additional half hour


Private Lesson Fees

Solo Lesson - $20 an hour

Duet/Trio- $15 an hour per dancer

All solo, duet, and trio fees must be paid at time of lesson.  Lesson will be cancelled if not paid on day of scheduled practice.

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